The “Zero Waste Minimalism Project”

6 January 2020 No Comments

I was already talking about it last week and now is the time to explain it a bit more. I was in Göteborg, Sweden, for Christmas with my boyfriend and with 2020 in plain sight, we really want it to be the year to make the change and minimize our waste and the use of plastic in our lives.

So, no more buying imitation meat at the supermarket as well as ready made vegetable packages (in plastic) in or out the freezer. We have shelves with fresh and bulk veggies and fruit in supermarkets, markets or zero waste stores. But… for us zero waste does not stop at this point either…

Good bye to the easy take away

It goes much further. We want to go through our closets, cupboards in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom … And that is why we decided to divide our project into 12 different themes.

Our 12 themes

Zero Waste Kitchen

If you are new in this idea of ​​living with less waste, you should know that it probable will save you money. One time the savings will be more substantial than other ones, but you should know that at the supermarket you will no longer pay for packaging and pay for throwing it away.

There is a woman in particular that is famous in and behind this idea of lifestyle and that’s Béa Johnson. She wrote a great book about the topic. Which, I by the way, I would really recommend to read. You will discover her 5 key principles of this lifestyle: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. The order here is the one I would suggest you to follow when trying to implement and apply them. It is what I did. 

“Empty fridge” dinner

So, now I invite you to discover the 12 themes in the order in which we will proceed:

  1. Stop with taking your clothes hostage. The ones you don’t wear (often), might be needed by someone else
  2. Refuse free gadgets received by brands, conferences, etc.
  3. Reduce food waste: implement meal prepping, organised shopping and an empty fridge meal
  4. Shop for products without packaging or buy in larger or reusable packaging (for example jars or glass bottles that you can reuse)
  5. Exchange the disposable for reusable: what about the SodaStream, reusable cutlery, towels …
  6. Did you refuse? Have you reduced? Have you reused? if impossible, get to know the right local recycling rules. It is really an asset.
  7. DIGITAL DETOX! Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters and marketing of all kinds. And accounts or groups on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter which advocate only consumption
  8. Find a neighborhood compost or have/create (y)our own composting system
  9. Live also zero waste outside your own home
  10. Exchange cleaning equipment for durable equipment. Make space by reducing household products.
  11. Minimize your interior by separating objects (room by room)
  12. The last month is one without shame. If we have not achieved one of our goals, it is possible to catch up and have a new chance. 
A simple wardrobe

Why only one theme per month?

Behavior seems to take or need 30 days (a month therefore) to change in habits and find new ones. So before it can become a new habit and get normalized rather than forcing ourselves to do everything at once (and one day). 

In addition, it will be much easier to find a sustainable alternative by having more time to act on it. If you ever want to join, do not hesitate to come on Instagram to follow me in this daily project and share your tips as well. Did I forget an important subject in my 12 themes? Do not hesitate to write to me, I will be happy to mention (and join) you.

And while on this journey, I’ll share with you the progress of this project on Instagram as soon as possible. 

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