A 100% Plant based Sint Nicholas [Sinterklaas]

18 November 2019 No Comments

Yep. It’s (almost) the beginning of December and we are already planning it. In Belgium we are all looking forward to the visit of our old friend Saint Nicolas. He arrives from Spain and will bring joy, gifts and candy around December 6th. And indeed: it’s possible to celebrate this day with family and friends fully plant based. As this post is part of the “Oops! I’m Vegan” series, I will bring some products under your attention that are relevant for Saint Nicholas and are (but not officially marked) plant based.

Unfortunately I’m not able to talk about what products can be found in what supermarkets in what kind of countries, as I do not have enough resources to have a clear and complete overview about it. Because even the world wide web has plenty of information, there are not enough guarantees to support those claims. So, please, let me invite you to help me with creating a list of nice, 100% plant based products. Feel free to send all suggestions or mistakes you found to hello@vegandfred.com. Your help is really appreciated. Please mention your instagram or other social media account to help me claim your eternal fame and to connect in the future!


And some Sint Nicholas dark chocolate are vegan but it wasn’t possible for me to get a clear image to display here.


Carrefour Belgium

This blogpost will be updated as soon as I get new products so keep an eye on it.

Small reminder

All products on this list are (and will be) without official V-label. Certificates created by the brand itself are mostly to help the consumer in buying the right product. Please, double check the wrapping before buying the product as I cannot guarantee that the content of ingredients will be the same forever.

Illustration : Nietjuh

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