A cruelty Free Snack (at 4 o’Clock)

8 November 2019 No Comments

It’s time to introduce a follow up post in the “Oops! It’s Vegan” series. Today I want to tell you about some cookies (and snacks) that are plant based by accident and available in a lot of supermarkets around the globe. Because, yes, it’s not that choosing a plant based diet means to stop all your (guilty) pleasures!

And it’s not as hard as it looks. I mean, finding some pie and cookies that are vegan by accident (or have the V-Label). More and more products have some kind of ‘brand specific certificate’ to indicate the plant based character, but it’s no luxury to be cautious. Not long ago there was a mistake on a Delhaize product with the vegan indicator. As the product was produced with eggs (or milk powder), it was not that plant based. Nevertheless, it’s only human to make mistakes, so an extra check before your first buy is not that hard.

Because, when you frequently buy products that are plant based by accident without the producer having the aim to have it vegan, there is no guarantee that its composition will stay vegan. So when the industrially made product gets a (re)new(ed) recipe, please be aware. Not all animal products or additives are so easy to recognize. Therefore I will provide a table soon that will give a clear overview of those which are animal based.

But back to the main focus of the blog post: some (famous) plant based biscuits!


The all famous Oreo cookies can be bought in many supermarkets around the world. You will discover them in many sizes and varieties. Some of these are indeed (accidentally) vegan. When you buy the Original, Double Cream or the Original Thin, you have a plant based cookie at your service.

You can find them at Carrefour, Delhaize, Albert Heijn, Auchan, Leclercq and Monoprix

Lotus Speculoos

When looking at Speculoos, most industrial made varieties are plant based. As is also those from the Belgian Brand ‘Lotus’. When they are not covered in chocolate, the chances are quite high that they are suitable for vegans.

Available at Delhaize, Albert Heijn, Colruyt and some UK supermarkets

And here also 5 others snacks vegan by accident :

With this article, I hope to have shown to you a bit more that going on a plant based lifestyle can be suitable for everyone. Yes, I agree, it can take some time to do some extra research or when you shop for groceries. But, that’s why I’m writing this blogs. So I can help you with that! So don’t hesitate to look at the other articles or to discover some easy recipes. For example my 5 minute Hummus in 5 ingredients for new vegan. Or the 5 ingredients pancakes on my Instagram.

Good luck!

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