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31 October 2019 No Comments

During the weekend of October 20 the famous festival of “plant-based” life visited Brussels: VeggieWorld. The perfect moment to discover new alternatives to bring new life into your food choices, but also to find new and more responsible alternatives on your journey to an sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s talk about Lamazuna.

I haven’t told you about Lamazuna yet. A French brand, founded in 2010 by a Vendéenne: Laetitia. Her first product were reusable make-up wipes made from microfibre fabric. Subsequently, several sustainable products were presented, after which the founder took the decision to reduce the profit margin on her products sold.

There was also a menstrual cup for the ladies followed by the Oriculi, an ear-instrument to replace the cotton swab. Funny and reusable.

If you visit the Lamazuna site today, you will discover their products in biodegradable packaging. If you come across the brand in stores, there is a big chance that they will be in large candy jars, without packaging.

I already wrote that I thought it was a great initiative but that I hadn’t told you anything about it … Probably because I was less active on my blog and more on Instagram. I already use the deodorant, the toothpaste (that I finished recently), the shaving soap and the shampoo for normal hair. All products in solid form without packaging.

The safety razor

For some time now I was thinking about switching to a safety razor the day I come to the end of my supply for my disposable razors.

So at the VeggieWorld festival I was seduced by the purchase of this little gem from Lamazuna. I have used it a few times since and I have to admit that you get the hang of the technique quickly. You quickly get used to this new size and the wooden handle feels very pleasant.

Why should you also use this razor?

  1. Because our grandparents were already using it
  2. Because it’s almost indestructible
  3. Because this is safer than a disposable razor
  4. Because you only have to replace the blade and thus produce less waste
  5. Because it is cheaper in the long term

If you also decide to be seduced by the Lamazuna safety razor, know that you can use universal blades and buy them wherever you want.

See you again soon here and on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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