Reviewing the new, small Plant based lasagna from Delhaize

25 October 2019 No Comments

Delhaize always had the image to be one of the most innovating supermarkets in Belgium, and they seem to try it also when it comes to nutrition and 100% plant based food. It should be no surprise that you can find a lot of alternatives for meat there. But for now, most are veggie, not vegan.

From Delhaize Housebrand

As you will discover in another blogpost, Delhaize is a privileged partner from GreenWay. But besides the plant based products they offer from other brands, in their own bio and non bio brand you can find quit some vegan alternatives. In the fridge you can find plant based spreads, deli’s, fruit drinks or even ‘meat’. And they are expanding their 100% vegan offer with, quit recently, filled pasta and a ready made lasagna. And it’s that plant based lasagna that is under review here.

La composition

Looking at the package, there is to discover that we will be eating a lasagna with lentils and spinach. For the bechamel they used soy drink and rapeseed oil. And good news: I did not find palm oil in the ingredients.

This product has a Nutriscore A

If I compare it with a classic lasagna from the same brand, some differences can be pointed out. In the plant based version, there is around 1,5 grams of fat (on 100 grams) less than its ‘original’. In total (of 400 grams) it contains 6 gr of fat less. The product also has 2 grams of sugar less and almost no salt. When it comes to proteins, in comparison you get around the same amount in your meal. Maybe it can differ 1 gram. Not bad for plants, no?


Looking at the packaging, almost everything is compostable. The box and film can be put in the organic trash. The paper wrapped around it belongs in the paper trash. It’s still waste, but at least it is not plastic.

I want to encourage the efforts of the brand for the packaging.

The taste

To taste it, I put the lasagna in the oven for the described 20 minutes. It is possible to prepare it also in the microwave, but I prefer the false cheese a bit more crusty. If you put it in the oven, I recommend to put 5 to 10 minutes extra to be warm enough.

But now what about the taste? I think the balance between the layers and the flavors is not there yet. In my opinion, I was tasting the bechamel and spinach and was lost on the other ingredients. But, if you are a fan of spinach and creme, this is a winner!

Conclusion of the review

The compostable and recyclable packaging is a plus. For me the (rather high) price is difficult to understand because the 100% vegetable lasagna is more expensive than its classic version with meat, even in the BIO Delhaize collection. But, it is a good alternative when you have little time to cook.

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