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20 October 2019 No Comments

Two weeks ago, I posted my first ” Oops! It’s vegan” article on my blog. I talked about three products that are available in the supermarket and that are plant based by accident.

And now it’s time to introduce you to some products that are officially certified vegan with the European V-Label. That because I want to show that a plant based diet can be available for all and also lots of different products. You can also take a look at my recipes I posted and where you will see I use some of them.

What is that V-Label?

To make it easy, simple and fast, I will cite the official website:

The V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services. For consumers, it is a simple and reliable guide to help them when they are shopping. With the V-Label, companies promote transparency and clarity. 

It allows us, both vegans and not vegans, to find products more easy and fast and to gain time in the supermarket.

Hellman’s Vegan (Mayo)

There is no doubt that one of the best 100% plant based alternatives I found while going for groceries, is the vegan Mayo. As a good Belgian, I love eating my Belgian Fries with (a lot of) Mayonaise. As Hellman’s Vegan (Mayo) has a similar texture as the classic one and as a plus it’s low in sugar (it contains < 5 grams sugar per 100 grams!)

You can find it in Belgium at Delhaize & Albert Heijn

Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger

For those who love meat, meet the one plant based burger that reminds me the most of the animal based version. I’m sure that it will satisfy many people who are looking for the same texture, taste and look. Garden Gourmet offers also many other products that have the official V-Logo but be aware that the logo for Vegan products looks very much as the logo for the vegetarian ones!

You can find it in Belgium at Delhaize, Carrefour & Colruyt

Plant based drinks from Alpro

I want to introduce to you many Alpro products. Did you know that Alpro is a Belgian brand (and initiative) that was bought by Danone? If you didn’t: now you know and can share this small anekdote at the Christmas dinner table. Overal the Alpro products have a quit low average when it comes to sugar levels. Even when you like the Alpro version of a cold coffee with caramel flavor, you can have it with less than 5 grams sugar (per 100 ml). Yes, Yes!

You can find them in Belgium at Delhaize, Colruyt, Albert Heijn & Carrefour

Voilà. These were the first 3 Vegan Certified products in the collection. Next time you’ll be able to discover 5 more. All suggestions are welcome. If you want to keep in touch, don’t hesitate to follow me on my social medial: InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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