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7 October 2019 No Comments

My project of minimalism means also going through my wardrobe and all the clothes I own. That is why you can find my clothes on Vinted (Veg And Fred) and that I also decided to stop buying new ones unless I really need it. This minimalism project is a bit on pause, but I’ll resume it soon with a new blogpost where I will talk about a future change of housing.

Now, back to the topic of clothes and how I discovered a new brand : Organic Basics. This danish brand makes clothes in 4 factories in Europe and 2 in Turkey. They use organic cotton as main fabric and use also other natural or recycled fibers. And you will also see that they want to integrate their organic way of making products in their packaging.

Wear more, wash less

Organic Basics offers a SilverTech Active collection. It’s vegan and despite the name would suggest, it’s not only for athletes. This collection has the advantage is that it is made from a fabric that breaths a bit more and so it can stay fresh longer and you need to wash it less. And when you wash it less, there are less chemical products going into nature and you help our planet to remain cleaner. By the way, you can also use your own product to wash clothes or dishes (like I’m doing), I’ll be sharing my recipe as soon as I found the perfect match.


I got the opportunity to test some clothes. First I will talk about the socks. I tested them severely. I used them during my long days at work, running from one point to another, biking in Brussels and long days in Disneyland Paris. And I never felt uncomfortable in the socks, I didn’t even notice I was wearing them. At the end of the day, wearing them in my plant-based leather Veja, there was no unpleasant odor when I took off my shoes in the evening. For me, this shows that the socks are well “breathing” and the fabric is drying quickly.


The shirt got more or less through the same test as the socks, except I didn’t use them for work. They feel comfortable, easy to care of and you doesn’t need to iron them (or at least, I don’t think so). Just as with the socks, there was no undesirable armpit smell after wearing them a full day. Not even now, after I decided not use deodorant anymore (due to my desire to stop using aerosol and plastic ones and I have some kind of allergic reaction on the zero waste versions with baking soda).

boxer briefs

But, it were the boxer briefs I feared the most. As I was a loyalty customer of “Le Slip Français” and their famous briefs, it was a big challenge for me to go (back) to a boxer brief. I was under the impression that it would disturb me during the day. But to my surprise that was not the fact at all. The Boxer Briefs fitted perfectly to my skin so that after a few minutes, I did not feel like wearing anymore. They are soft, fit perfectly and feel like a second skin.

So, What do I think about Organic Basics now?

To conclude, I can only highly recommend you the brand Organic Basics. Their underwear and t-shirts are made from high quality and organic cotton and will reduce your ecological footprint. They are basic (and minimalist) so you can match them easily with other clothes. It seems like an excellent alternative to stop fast fashion and make the switch to slow fashion mode. With Organic Basics I feel like I can reduce the impact on the planet and the ressources she’s offering us. As less water is needed to produce (and wash) the clothes on the one hand, the coloring is less armful towards nature. And on the plus, the basics are chic!

Until end of November enjoy 10% off on your order with the code FREDOBC

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