Oops! It’s Vegan!

7 October 2019 No Comments

I would like to show you that it’s possible to eat plant based in an easy and affordable way. That is why I am starting with some kind of a monthly rendez-vous with you and a selection of products which are 100% plant based and available in the supermarket. The products I want to introduce are not wearing the official vegan label but are suitable to a plant based diet ‘by accident’.

A little reminder

I’m living in Belgium and most of the products that I will present are available in Belgium but maybe they are not in your country. However I will try (based on Internet research and my work-trips) to post products available also in the UK and other European countries. But please keep in mind that these are industrial products and the composition may change at any moment, so please double check before buying it.

When there are additives used, I’m asking more information directly to the brand when the information is not immediately available online.

Don’t forget that for a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended to move on a regular basis or do some sport activity. Also try to have a wide variety of food and try not to eat the same thing every day. But, as I’m not a doctor, I’m not giving a medical food advice and I do not create a dietary plan. Everyone is free to do and eat whatever he/she wants. I’m only sharing my recipes and the products I discover.

A last thing before speaking about the products ‘of the month’: the product has not the official “V label”. This label is a European label to help us (the consumer) to make choices according to our nutrition, diet and lifestyle. For these official Vegan label Products, I’m thinking about creating another monthly blogpost about it. Do not hesitate to let me know what you think about that and/or share your preference on my social media (InstagramFacebook or Twitter).

Croquette by De Vegetarische Slager

Belgium is quite famous for the cheese, meat and shrimps ‘croquette’ as a starter. The Dutch company “De Vegetarische Slager” is offering a 100% plant based alternative to this. Perfect if you want to impress your guests. It can also be an option for a starter during the holiday season, don’t you think?

Available at Albert Heijn.

Carrefour Bio Presents palmiers (palm tree)

A classic biscuit to eat during tea time. When I’m eating them, I can’t forget the good old days at school. And at Carrefour, you can find them plant based at the Bio corner of the shop. But… Why using individual wrappings inside the box, Carrefour?

Available at Carrefour.

Dark Almond Coconut – Delicata Pure

It’s the first one from a long list… As Belgian, it’s difficult to not like chocolate. From when you’re a child, the chance that you grow up with chocolate in your mouth is very big. This one, the Dark Almond Coconut, is my favorite from the Delicata collection. The composition is fine, but honestly: chocolate is sugar and fat. Nevertheless I’m happy that this one is dairy free and egg free. It’s a real pleasure to buy it when doing the groceries.

Available at Delhaize, Albert Heijn

Here you are, these were the first 3 products of the series ‘Oops, It’s vegan’. Next time you’ll be able to discover 5 more. If you want to keep in touch, don’t hesitate to follow me on my social medial: InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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