Why I’m going to VeggieWorld?

27 September 2019 No Comments

VeggieWorld is back in Brussels ! The festival with plenty of tasty food, cooking demos, talk shows and plant based alternatives. I recently shared my experience of the Vegan Summer Fest, the vegan festival that takes place every summer in Flanders Expo (Ghent) and presented by BE Vegan. VeggieWorld it’s in the heart of Europe, at Tour & Taxi on October 19th and 20th.

I never been to this event but I only received positives comments from the people who went there. And you know what? This year I’m not working so I’ll be able to go. So yes in 2019 I’ll discover VeggieWorld after being volunteer at a vegan fest earlier this summer. The festival is on 2 days, so you clearly don’t have a reason to miss it !

Cooking show by Peter Jan Lint at Vegan Summer Fest

Of course, there are plenty reasons to go… But let me speak about the 3 main reasons why I’m going and why you should go too.


I’m going to find ideas and inspiration. I want to be inspired by the food I can get there, the cooking demo and by the alternatives proposed nowadays to people going on a plant based diet and a vegan lifestyle. Ready? Set, cook !

Food paradise

It’s a 100% plant based paradise and I can already tell you that it will be a cheat weekend. During a weekend, you can eat what you want without worrying about the ingredients (I recently sent back my pizza to the chef as he added cheese on it and I mentioned upon order that I didn’t want it with dairy product). VeggieWorld is the perfect occasion to loose control and having a mouth orgasm. lOl

Wurger by Oscar FoodTruck

Meet and Greet

It’s easy to meet new people on the internet and on social media but it’s never as great as in real. It’s also the time to share ideas and way of living to inspire and getting inspired by/with others. So all together we can go towards a more sustainable lifestyle and living and we can save our planet.

VeggieWorld will be in Brussels on October 19th and 20th from 10am to 6pm at Tour & Taxi. You can buy your tickets online or there. Until there, why not having a look at my previous blogpost concerning my My First Experience As Volunteer On The Vegan Summer Fest ? You can find the post here.

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